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Why is Thar Car so Popular in India?

India has undeniably developed a fascination for grandeur in various aspects of life. From sprawling farmhouses to a preference for larger-than-life mobile phone screens, this love for the colossal has had a significant impact on the automobile industry. One notable consequence is the surge in the popularity of SUVs in the country. To put it in perspective, this surge was so pronounced that even a global best-seller like the Toyota Corolla ceased to be part of the Indian market.

On the other end of the spectrum, certain vehicles not only dominate sales charts but also capture the hearts of millions. Some even rise to the status of a cult. In the automotive industry’s cults, one cannot overlook the Mahindra Thar. It would be remiss not to delve into why the Mahindra Thar has attained cult status in off-roading and what sets it apart as one of the most esteemed SUVs in India. Respect is not handed out freely; it must be earned.

Hence, let’s explore some compelling reasons including the affordable Thar price behind the profound reverence for the Mahindra Thar in India:

A Treasure for Custom Lovers

The Mahindra Thar price range offers a good space for you to customize it aftermarket, enabling passionate enthusiasts to bring their unique visions to life. Through an extensive range of aftermarket accessories, including roof racks, off-road bumpers, winches, snorkels, auxiliary lights, and more, owners have the freedom to tailor their Thar to match their individual needs and tastes precisely.

This exceptional customization potential has been a driving force behind the Thar’s popularity among enthusiasts who relish the opportunity to fine-tune and enhance their vehicles. The result? A truly personalized and one-of-a-kind driving experience that resonates with their desires.

Commitment to Safety

One aspect that truly sets the Mahindra Thar apart and commands respect is its unwavering commitment to safety. Over the years, with each iteration, the Mahindra Thar has made concerted efforts to deliver a blend of ruggedness and safety.

Staying true to its heritage, the 2020 Mahindra Thar proudly upholds a 4-star safety rating and secures a place on the prestigious list of GNCAP’s Safer Cars for India campaign. This unwavering dedication to safety reinforces its position as a reliable and secure choice for adventurous journeys.

Comparatively Affordable

The Thar 4×4 price stands out as an exceptional value proposition, especially when compared to other off-road-focused vehicles available in the market. It offers a robust off-roading platform that combines capability and reliability, all while maintaining a relatively affordable price tag. This affordability factor broadens the Thar’s reach, making the thrill of off-roading accessible to a wider audience.

With the Thar, enthusiasts can indulge in adventurous escapades without compromising on quality or performance. Its ability to provide a competitive package at an enticing price is a key factor contributing to its widespread popularity among value-conscious buyers.

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Unmatched Capability

Beyond any sentimental attachments, the Mahindra Thar is undeniably capable, and that’s a fact. This off-roader possesses the prowess to conquer diverse terrains, be it sand, snow, mud, or even shallow waters.

The BS6 2020 Thar boasts an array of impressive off-roading features, including an on-demand 4×4 differential, high and low ranges, and more. With an approach angle of 41.8 degrees, a departure angle of 36.8 degrees, a ramp-over angle of 27 degrees, and a water-wading depth of 650 mm, the Mahindra Thar is engineered for adventure, and it delivers on its promise.

Feature-Packed Off-Roader

When it comes to features, the Thar doesn’t take a back seat! While the vertically raked dashboard and robust materials might make you feel like they could withstand a nuclear attack, this off-roader isn’t just about toughness. It’s designed with modern riders in mind, offering a host of engaging features. The term ‘functional’ perfectly describes the comprehensive setup before your eyes. Here are some of the notable features:

  • Vibrant Colored TFT Display
  • Height and Lumbar Adjustable Front Seats
  • Premium Upholstery for a Stylish Interior
  • User-Friendly Touchscreen Infotainment System
  • Another Colored TFT Display
  • Adventure Stat Display for Thrill-Seekers
  • Electronic HVAC Switches for Climate Control
  • Spacious 4-Seater Configuration
  • Eye-catching Dual-Tone Bumpers
  • Convenient Moulded Footsteps
  • Impressive R18 Alloy Wheels with 255/65 Tyres
  • Sleek LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)
  • Front Fog Lamps for Enhanced Visibility
  • Advanced ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
  • Efficient Brake Locking Differential
  • Optional Hard or Soft Top

Timeless Design Legacy

The 2023 Mahindra Thar’s design is truly iconic, paying homage to its rich heritage and its precursor, the Mahindra CJ series, which drew inspiration from the original Jeep. This new Thar stands out with its distinctive and rugged aesthetics, turning heads wherever it ventures.

Its classic boxy form exudes strength and durability, while the circular headlights infuse a hint of nostalgia. The exposed wheel arches not only enhance its rugged appeal but also signify its formidable off-road capabilities.

The Freedom of Open-Top Driving

The Mahindra Thar embraces the allure of open-top driving with its retractable soft-top roof. This feature invites drivers to relish the exhilarating sensation of wind in their hair and an unobstructed view of the world around them.

It’s not just about driving; it’s about freedom and adventure, forging a profound connection with the great outdoors. The 2023 Thar excels in providing an immersive and enjoyable open-top experience, making it an even more attractive choice for those seeking memorable and unconfined journeys.

Thriving Off-Roading Community

Within the realm of off-roading, the Mahindra Thar has fostered vibrant and close-knit communities across the country. These communities actively organize a myriad of events, gatherings, and expeditions. Enthusiasts find themselves seamlessly integrated into a network of like-minded individuals who share a deep passion for off-roading and hold a special affection for the Thar.

This sense of community and camaraderie significantly enhances the appeal of owning a Mahindra Thar and participating in off-road adventures. The opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts, exchange experiences, and embark on thrilling off-road journeys together adds a profound layer to the Thar ownership experience, making it enriching and fulfilling.

Still Need Some Reasons to Love This Vehicle? – Conclusion

Mahindra Thar in India holds a special place in the hearts of its enthusiasts. It exudes an aspirational allure that’s truly magnetic. Young individuals often set aside their college savings, eagerly anticipating the day they land their first job so they can make the Thar their own. People adore the Thar for the emotions it encapsulates. While it may not serve as the primary vehicle for most of us, it’s a more than capable alternative, especially for those living independently or with a partner.

The new generation Thar on-road price starts from Rs. 10.98 lakhs, and boasts advanced mechanical engineering, and offers a plethora of entertainment through its myriad electronic features. Boredom simply doesn’t find a place in the Thar’s company; there’s so much you can do with it that it’s almost overwhelming but in the best possible way. This is precisely what makes it one of the most coveted and cherished SUVs in India. So, if you’re considering it, don’t hesitate to book yours before these remarkable vehicles become a thing of the past!


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