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Why Honda Hornet is the best choice to buy this Year?

Why Honda Hornet is the best choice to buy this year

Auto makers have already been scurrying around modifying their vehicles to the most recent emission standards in preparation for the switch from BS-IV to BS-VI. On the other hand, Honda has been introducing new models of its motorcycles rather than just improving the engine. The Honda Hornet 2.0 is one such modern motorcycle that we had the opportunity to ride.

Honda was valued at over 10.57 billion dollars in 2021. This elevated the brand to the fifth-most valuable brand in the global automobile industry.

The Honda does all it did in the past and does it even better in the new hornet model. The new bike comes with fresh aesthetics, a new engine, and some new mechanicals as well, so it’s not just an old horse with a nice new coat.

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First, let’s talk about design. As we already mentioned, it isn’t the same. Almost all the new features added to the Hornet are designed to give you the impression that you are riding a large bike.

You can see that the bike was created to look more upscale as soon as you notice the new LED headlamp and new tail lamp, both of which still feature the “X”. The shrouds are more pointed, but the tank is larger. Even the keyhole is built into the tank by Honda.

But what surprises the customers is the inclusion of those gold forks that are upside down. A bike that is merely under 200cc probably doesn’t need USDs, buy Honda handed it to the customers and customers like it.

They appear to be more expensive because they are gold as well. For what it’s worth, the new Hornet appears to be modeled more on a global street fighter than a bike for the general public.

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It isn’t just a bike for the public, though, you realize as you swing your leg over. And by that, I mean that the Hornet is incredibly simple to ride. Let’s look at the Honda hornet 2.0 specifications.

When you’re sitting on the bike, the tank, which appears large from the side, also appears large, yet the seat is small enough for you to put both feet down without difficulty. Yes, the seat height is a respectable 790mm, but it appears much higher.

But the new engine is what’s really exciting. The newer engine is a 184.4cc single cylinder with 17.3 PS and 16.1 Nm of torque. When you lightly twist the throttle, you can tell how well-crafted Honda has built this. Nearer to the red line, there is a slight vibration, but in the city, you wouldn’t really notice that.

On the highway, too, traveling fast and loose is really at its sweet spot between 85 and 90 km/h. The clutch action is quite light, and gears shift into place easily and smoothly.


Moving on, we can see that the Hornet 2.0 is significantly superior to most other Honda products in terms of riding and handling. First, you sit rather straight with only a slight lean, maintaining your athletic appeal without endangering your back. You realize the premium USDs aren’t just for show when you turn the corner.

They aren’t soft, which enables handling that is nearly sport naked. You’ll understand what I mean if you take it to the mountains or the racetrack. The finest thing is that the suspension is so superb that you won’t get bored of riding on the highways or through the city.

In India, where there are more potholes than there are roads, the difference is evident right away.


You don’t really see a brand-new motorcycle built solely for BS-VI anyplace else. The Honda Hornet 2.0 carries on the hardworking tradition of the Hornet 160R from the previous generation, but it does so in style and with a whole different attitude.

Whether it’s for a brief trip to the countryside or a commute through the city, it has something for everyone. Yes, the pricing puts it in direct rivalry with bikes in the 200cc market, but the engine performance is all that needs to be compared.

Honda hornet 2.0 price currently is around 1,49,000 rupees. You can get exclusive offers if you buy from droom.in.

Not only is it easy and convenient, but it is also a smart choice to buy your next bike online with Droom.

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