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Why is Buying a Used Car More Popular Than Buying a New Car?

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Why is Buying a Used Car More Popular Than Buying a New Car?

People do confuse if what automobile is best, new or used? That is confusing, of course, when you have mixed reviews about both. The demand for Used Cars and other vehicles has increased in recent years, impacting the new automobile market. There is an array of reasons that made sales of Second-Hand Cars high than new ones.

According to India Times, India’s pre-owned car market was evaluated at $27 billion in 2020 and is expected to be $50 billion by 2026.

If you want a budget-efficient and good-performing car, else a first-time driver, always explore Used Cars for Sale as a priority. You can find endless Used Cars at Droom to choose the right 4-wheeler that suits your pocket and driving needs.

Here in the blog, we will be talking about why is to Buy a Used Car is more popular than investing in a new automobile.

The Reasons That Will Make You Think For Investment in Used Cars:

1. Slower Depreciation Rate: The time you start off the engine of a new vehicle, it’s no more than the original piece you invested in. When it comes to the depreciation rate, new cars shed it frequently, especially in the first year (20% to 25%).

Then it is followed within 2nd and 3rd year and get slows with usage. So if you are already headed for a Used Car, then the risk of faster depreciation is zero. Thus, it’s a beneficial pinch you can give to yourself.

2. Variants In Models To Choose From: Of course, that is the key, as you can even get your ever dreamt car easily on a budget. If you pick almost a vehicle that is five years back model, then get ample advanced features in safety, comfort, and more.

Typically a good condition 4-wheeler will offer a good anti-lock braking system, airbags, touch-screen infotainment, reverse camera, parking sensor, keyless, and more. The delivery of performance will also be reliable if maintained.

3. Low Insurance Premiums: Second Hand Cars are best for people who want cheaper insurance costs. The high premium rate of automobile insurance in new vehicles is fuss, and many can’t afford it, so it is better to Buy Used Cars.

The low depreciation is the major reason behind the low premium for pre-owned vehicles. So enjoy good driving and save a lot of your hard-earned money.

4. Good For New Drivers: Obviously, practicing on a new vehicle risks damaging it and its life. Nobody wants to see dents, damage, and scratches on a new car. So if you have learned about the car a few months back, it is good to pick from Used Cars.

Indian roads are crowded, and people do drive rashly, so beginners with less confidence in driving skills should practice on old ones first.

5. Certified and Pre-owned Vehicle History: If you find any reliable Used Cars for Sale, don’t get upset about performance, certification, etc. Today’s Typically used automobiles are inspected and certified on safety, performance, and overall maintenance, thus not risky.

The service warranty is also an advantage for you that authorized used car seller or individual pre-owner gave over documents.

The Final Verdict:

However, there are some disadvantages too, that can combat your thoughts if to Buy a Used Car(s) or not. Look, the fact is, whatever is your choice, new or Used Car(s), good comes and bad follows secretly.

Not every vehicle is perfect in features and performance; you have to often compromise on something or the other. If you have decided or planning for a pre-owned car, then discover options in Used Cars at Droom.

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