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New TVS Apache RTR 200 4v Ownership review – Good or Bad?

apache rtr 200

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V BS6 has always been one of the most Amazing motorcycles. It offers a good balance of performance and everyday usability. This bike is powered by 197.5cc engine which produces 20.8PS max Power at 9000RPM and 17.25Nm max Torque at 7250RPM.

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V BS6 is first-in-segment which equipped with different Ride Modes, adjustable suspension and SmartXConnect heralds the future of the Apache RTR Series. The Race Tuned Fuel Injection engine (RT-Fi) delivers consistent blistering performance and the three ride modes adapts the bike to any race condition.

TVS Apache RTR 200 4v Ownership

I own the RTR 200 4V Race Edition 2.0 (ABS). It’s a beast. I have taken it on many long rides and have not faced any issues so far, here are my observations:

Power :- Well this bike will pull on any gear. Though it’s rated low in torque, still provides a decent punch to overtake long vehicles

Riding :- It’s very nimble and easy to flick around in traffic. When the bike is new I did get a lot of heating, that’s because the bike needs to break in. Otherwise never had the issue later on after services.

Average :- Well to be surprised I get 42kmpl on the highway. 35kmpl in the city and 30kmpl in stop-n-go traffic. But I won’t guarantee the numbers as it’s about your riding style, chain lube and tension, tyre pressure, weight (single / pillion)

Suspension :- The front gives good feedback. As the riding style is a bit upright it allows you to grab the bike properly with your legs releasing the weight off the handle bar still keeping the wheel firm and absorbing 3/5 of the potholes. Rear needs to be tweaked as per your riding style and body weight. I was on the heavier side so needed to step it up a bit, but it wont jump around on the road if you hit a bump at high speed.

Braking :- Well the brakes are progressive. It wont give you the immediate bite that many people like but you will get used to it. ABS works the best. You would never imagine how many times it would stop your wheel from locking. It’s on both wheels so no worries braking hard on straight roads. However it’s not a KTM so don’t expect it to work the same while cornering. Though ABS kicks in, your Tyre’s may still slip due to your lean angle and loose gravel. It’s not an issue but again how you ride it.

Vibration :- Vibration exists but not like the characteristics of the RE. I feel then creeping in through the foot pegs and handle bar over 5500 RPM. You can decently ride this machine at 90kmph but can’t run it for long at 110+ unless your oil is very premium (Haven’t tried this yet)

Gear Shifting :- Many say this is the issue. I did face it but it wont occur if you rev match your gears before the shift. You might feel it cumbersome but you will get used to it. Also if your shifting has gone harder by the day, don’t blame the bike, it’s just your chain and chain lube. But do not use any chain spray, specially at the service station. Chain sprays are pretty sticky and no matter what they say, they don’t last long and dry up your chain, collecting even more mud. I would say if you ride at 60kmph the chain lube won’t last 3 days no matter how good brand you use. If you ride on highways then it’s fine because dust is less but will still dry up, else i recommend using EP140 Gear oil on your chain. EP140 is very thick and does not wash off easily and you may need to apply it once every 150-200km. I have been using this oil since 3 months and no more gear shifting issue. Many say oil flings on the tyre rim and ruin the bike, I say no. It’s a gimmick, don’t fall for it. The sensor on the other had does fail and the new sensor should be good.

Headlights :- One of the brightest i would say. I never needed extra except on highways otherwise on 4-lane roads no issues at all.

Code Start :- Yes, it doesn’t start on the first go itself. Need to pull the choke for 10 seconds till the engine catches up. The company does offer a twin node spark plug that seems to solve the issue but get it fixed at a proper mechanic as carburettor needs to be tunes after that which service stations don’t know.

Rusting :- A bit yes. I got some on the handle but WD-40 solved it. If your chain rusts, it means it’s dry.

Servicing :- Here’s the catch. Don’t trust the service guys and always learn a thing or 2 about motorcycle riding and how it’s maintained. The service guys only know how a bike is washed and polished and not serviced. They would unnecessarily recommend you to change parts like filters and use some expensive sprays. They don’t know how to even fix issues if you report to them. After a long ride, I had noticed my front wheel knocking. The service guys were saying i ride it too hard and hit a pothole and broke the fork and needs to be replaced, all cost to be born by me. The said they’ll take 5 hours to open the forks and check everything and they’ll order the parts. They only washed the bike and said they opened it and put some oil. The actual issue was the axle nut had come loose. Just tightening it a bit solved the problem permanently. The service guys didn’t even touch the bike else they would have seen the nut loose.

Final Verdict :- It’s a very good bike. New models recently launched the latest Smart Connect console that connects via Bluetooth for call alerts, navigation, accident emergency alert, etc. Just make sure your servicing it done correctly.

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