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New 10+ biggest flop cars in india market – Must check

biggest flop cars in indian market

biggest flop cars in india – Top 10 biggest flop cars in indian market – As this year is end and new year is starting in a couple of months and many of us are planning to buy new car and we should also have to right to know that which car is flop in previous year in sales figures. so here we start;


DC AVANTI is first indian sports car which is design and built by DC motors. when this car was launched at price Rs.23 Lakh , has gain popularity but when time goes it loos his strength.


Mahindra ALTURUS G4 is a pure rival of Toyota Fortuner & Ford Endeavor, But this car also very down in sales this year.


In 2019 Honda launched its new generation civic and the sales figure of this car is not as much high as aspected.


When TATA Motors shows it’s first looks of harrier in motor show, its seem look eye catching but later when its launched he gained popularity and  the sale of this car is high on this time but later when MG Motor and Kia Motors launched its SUV then the shine of TATA Harrier is down. But now in year 2021 this car agian gain popularity and make new path to success.

This List of flop car is not ended up here, we will discuss it later in other blog.



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