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New Ford Mustang Bullitt -All details you need to know about it

All new Ford mustang Bullitt will be launched sortly in upcoming year, since from 1968 ford mustang is dashing looks car. Apart from that, when it comes to the tribute car,the more authentic and better, the ford mustang bullitt is exactly the car you drive.

Ford Mustang Bullitt


All new ford Mustang Bullitt edition is comes up with 8-valve 5litre engine, this engine produce power of 480 horsepower and 420nm of torque.If its comes to top speed then new mustang runs at 163 miles per hour or 262 kilometre per hour.

The rev matching manual transmission has six speed, and shifting of gear made easy with printed alphabet on gear knob.

The performance tuned suspension of Ford mustang bullitt is borrowed from Mustang GT and brembo brakes are printed red so that you can see them poking out from behind the rim.

The dashboard is looking fabulous in ford mustang Bullitt, the dashboard is fitted with B&O sound system and Mustang brand new instrumental cluster. Apart from that, the mustang comes with dark highland green, which suit its profile and give car a aggresive look.

Price of car in dollar :- $26120 starting price as per Ford website.
Price in INR :- 60 Lakhs


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