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What is MPFi (Multi point Fuel injection) – working – Advantage and Disadvantage

What is MPFi – MPFi is stand for multi-point fuel injection system. The MPFI (Multi-fuel injection system) is a system of injecting fuel into internal combustion engine such as petro through multi ports fitted on intake valve of each cylinder. It delivers an exact quantity of fuel in each cylinder at the right time.


The MPFI (Multi-fuel injection system) have a fuel pressure regulator, fuel injectors, cylinders, pressure spring and a control diaphragm. It uses multiple individual injectors to insert fuel in each cylinder through intake port fitted upstream of cylinders intake valve. The fuel pressure regulator is further connected to the fuel rail by means of an inlet and outlet, directs the flow of the fuel. While the control diaphragm and pressure spring controls the outlet valve opening and the amount of fuel that can return. The pressure in the intake manifold significantly changes with the engine speed and load.

What is MPFi


  1. It improve functionality and durability of engine.
  2. This technology improves the engine response during sudden acceleration and deceleration.
  3. engine can be easily tune.
  4. MPFi system is giving better fuel economy.
  5. This system produced less tail pipe emissions.
  6. The cost of maintenance is also less.
  7. Lasty, the cost of engine spare parts is also less.


  1. Repairing of fuel injectors is not easy as compared to carburetor technology.
  2. This system usually have shorter life.
  3. If there will ECU failure the engine will seize.
  4. Possible vapor lock in the steel fuel lines above the engine, making it difficult to start a hot engine.

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