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What is hydrogen fuel cell ? how it will give evolution in automobile industry

hydrogen fuel cell

Electron chemical cell that converts chemical energy into electrical energy through electron-chemical reaction. Hydrogen cell is good energy carrier in upcoming era, because today world is an impressive growth and development. The advancement in technology enhance our lifestyle, and also effects our environment.In addition to it, major cause of environment pollution is harmful emission emits from vehicle’s. So, to reduce pollution from environment , then petroleum product should replace by hydrogen fuel.

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Hydrogen cell is an electron-chemical cell that convert chemical energy into electrical energy through electron-chemical reaction of hydrogen fuel with oxygen and other oxidizing agents. Fuel cell is totally different form battery,In fuel cell continuous supply of fuel is require for working of the fuel cell otherwise it will stop working. Fuel cell was first invent in 1838, this fuel cell is invent by NASA for her space program. Apart from that, fuel cell has many application like power backup, industrial use and residential use.

Some Problems with Hydrogen Fuel cell :-

  1. Hydrogen gas is very highly flammable.
  2. Storage of hydrogen gas is challenging task.
  3. Its very challenging task to obtain efficiency from hydrogen gas.
  4. Hydrogen re-fueling station’s are rarely available across the world, So its difficult to implement hydrogen fuel cell vehilcle in now a days.
  5. We all know Hydrogen is available on large quantity on earth but still it is very expensive.
  6. Hydrogen is very lightest element on earth, Because its atomic number is 1 and it is easily evaporate when expose to sunlight.
  7. Currently, Hydrogen gas is only use in space rocket engine’s.

Advantage’s of Hydrogen Fuel :-

  1. There is zero emission when we use hydrogen gas.
  2. Hydrogen gas is very clean gas.
  3. We all know, Hydrogen is renewal source of energy, So its save our environment.
  4. Hydrogen does not effect’s our environment.


Hydrogen fuel cell is a simple mechanical machine ,which consist of proton exchange membrane, on one side of membrane have pure hydrogen and on other side there is an ordinary air. Ordinary air have 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen in them. The proton exchange membrane is very complicated because hydrogen and oxygen atoms rarely like together. The proton exchange membrane allow hydrogen atoms to pass through oxygen atoms,only if hydrogen pass their atom to oxygen.

Now, we put highly conductive metal like platinum on the wall of the fuel cell, so the electron go there and run all the way around fuel cell to get back there hydrogen atom, that action create electric current. when hydrogen and oxygen are all couple and complete again,then we got some water as a product and electricity for our use like playing music, headlamp,or to run electric control module. Fuel cell create energy without creating any pollution.

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The gradual development of something, is known as evolution. Early, In 1886 car’s are invented Carl Benz in Germany. The model is not looks good, but its good start to new era.

first car in the world

A vehicle can embody what is technically feasible, as well as what is socially desirable. The generation of automobile over a year’s prove that car is not only of technical progress, but also social and cultural change, as expressed in automotive design and the material used.

In future, There is ample of advancement in technology as well as in hydrogen fuel cell storage, Because now it is difficult to store. With the implement of hydrogen fuel cell, Their is zero emission from exhaust pipe. In addition to it, Hydrogen is clean gas so, its save our environment for future generation. Moreover, The production rate of vehicle manufacturing unit is also increase because, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle take’s less assembly time.

Now, the main question is – Is hydrogen is safe then my answer is yes.

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