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How to import bike to India – Is it costly?

How to import bike to India

How to import bike to India? If you are a motor enthusiast, who is interested in collecting unique vehicle around the world, then you should know about the process of importing cars or bikes into India and it’s take huge amount of money to import any car and bike into India. Lets briefly know How to import bike to India.

Rule’s to import any vehicle to India :-

  1. You have to pay 50% import duty (50% cost of bike) in case of below 800cc engine bike and 75% import duty in case of above 800cc engine bikes.
  2. Import duty is waive off in case you are diplomats.
  3. In addition, 10% custom duty tax also charge, previously it was 15%.
  4. The vehicle can be imported only from the country where it was manufactured.
  5. In case you import car than it will right hand drive.
  6. The vehicle should be brand new.
  7. You have to pay all these amount cash, while purchasing vehicle and no emi allowed.
  8. Your vehicle speedometer should display the speed statistics in KM/hour and not in miles/hour.
  9. The headlight of vehicle should be placed in such a way so that it can clearly illuminate the left side of the road.


  1. Insurance policy paper of bike or car.
  2. Bank draft or payment proof for buying vehicle.
  3. GATT certificate ( in case you import car)
  4. Vehicle purchase bill or letter of credit.
  5. Bill of lading (courier bill)
  6. License for import.
  7. Duty Entitlement Pass Book, Duty Exemption Entitlement Certificate or Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India is some of the other documents that you may need to provide during custom clearance.

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If you want to want to import GPX DEMON GR 200R to India than the price breakup as follow :-

GPX DEMON price :- 1.70 Lakh

50% Import tax :- 85k

10% custom duty :- 17K

Currier Charge :- 10k – 12k

Other charges :- 30K

Total :- 3.2 Lakh Aprox/-

So, import any vehicle to India is very costly because you have to pay a huge amount of tax on it.

In this price you can buy many motor-cycles in India like :- TVS Apache RR310, BMW G310R, Kawasaki Ninja 300, Mahindra Mojo, Dominar 400 etc.



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