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New Future of Tesla Self driven car – You need to know

Today’s world is an impressive growth and development. In future, Tesla self driven cars give tremendous change in automobile industry. Because In present era petroleum product’s are about to extinct. So,after that era of electric vehicle and self driven car’s will be start. Tesla Self driven car’s are performing good on roads. In addition to it , In today time’s no one can compete with Tesla Motor’s. So, here we will discuss future of Tesla Self driven cars in the world.

tesla self driven car


Tesla Motor was found in year 2003 by batch of some engineer’s. They prove world that electric car are better than gasoline fuel’s in term of less emission and more fun to drive. Tesla believe that the faster the world stop relying on fossil fuels and move towards zero emission for better future.

Tesla manufacturing their vehicle in its factory at Fremont, California, and Giga factory Shanghai. To achieve their goal of having safest and fastest manufacturing factory in the world. Tesla continue to take proactive approach toward safety,research and development. To create entire sustainable energy ecosystem Tesla also manufacture a unique set of energy solutions, power-wall, power-pack and solar roof.

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The automobile has impressing people ever since its invention in 1886 by Carl Benz in Germany. A vehicle can embody what is technically feasible, as well as what is socially desirable. The generation of automobile over a year’s prove that car is not only of technical progress, but also social and cultural change, as expressed in automotive design and the material used.

The automobile give people freedom and control over machine and the feeling of movement, pride and pleasure – the desire for driver less are something new. Driver less cars have been describe in some details for several decades now: at first as science fiction and later in scientific publication. Some people things that, Self deriving car living their own lives and have independent setting of route or even expressing emotions.

In addition to cars, there are many other vehicle which are already adopt to self driving, particularly within the army. For e.g :- Israel Country made their driver less robot army and many other country continue to working on that. This type vehicle can also be find in agriculture, driver less city vehicle and driver less city buses have been put on the roads, especially in Europe and Asia.

tesla self driven car


The technology upon which self driving car’s works is based on boundaries between the automotive industry, Robotic, and software industries. Software with programming codes and algorithms, as well as camera, sensors using radar, ultrasound and lasers are all gaining importance. Meanwhile, the hardware of a vehicle like chassis, suspension and other mechanical part are losing importance. The technology of autonomous driving will have a significant role to play in the success of electric mobility. As automation has a positive impact on energy efficiency. Increasing vehicle automation will also significantly extent the range of electric vehicle.


The aspect of self driven car is the development pf vehicle intro cyber-physical systems that comprises a combination of mechanical and electronic components. A vehicle hardware and software exchange some certain amount of data about infra structure and the vehicle is controlled by Processing unit.

In future each vehicle will communicate with the parking spaces, traffic lights and traffic control center. Data on factors such as traffic flow and available parking spaces, will allow the processing unit in the vehicle to best rout with suitable speed.


Advancement in technology is increasing day by day, with this advancement in technology the trend of self driven car’s is also increase. As we seen today, the price of fuel touches the sky due to less amount of petroleum product’s. In future all gasoline fuels car’s replace to electric car and all they are communicable to each other. Let’s imagine that era when there is zero emission in our atmosphere and the earth is healing again.

In addition to it, self driven car’s may reduce the accident and increase mobility experience. One day we will all drive computerized car, they will more smarter, efficient and safer. Imagine your car will drop your kids to school and drop your parents to home.


  1. Self driven car’s are expensive in price.
  2. we can’t fully depend on self driven car’s if we do so crash may happens.
  3. Self driven car are equipped with modern computer system so, it may be hacked.
  4. Built quality is not good enough.
  5. Last but not the least, the battery cost is very high in this car’s.

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